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Help is organized according to your major tasks: discovering, assessing, and acting on security issues in your environment.

I just installed the application, and I'm not sure what to do or where to go next.

If you have not used the application yet, see Getting Started with Nexpose for guidance on running the application, logging on, and navigating the Security Console.

I want to get started scanning.

Go to the Discover section and find out how to run scans and perform other operations to discover the assets running in your environment and the security threats against them.

I want to look at my scan data and make sense of it.

Go to the Assess section and find out how to locate assets and vulnerabilities and to sort them by different security metrics to help you prioritize your security threats.

I want to get my team members started on remediation. I want to show executives in my company remediation progress or risk trends.

Go to the Act section and find out how to create and distribute reports and tickets so that you can share critical security information with your organization. You will also learn how to create asset groups to help you distribute focused or sensitive data to specific stakeholders.

I want to make scans faster or more accurate. I want to recalculate risk scores. I want to create custom configuration policies.

Go to the Tune section to learn how to tune scan performance, work with different risk calculation strategies, and customize configuration policies.

I want to track key performance indicators. I want to see trends at a glance. I want to create custom dashboards for specific roles and objectives.

Go to the Analyze section to learn about dashboards, what is required to obtain the feature, and how to view and customize dashboards.

I want to troubleshoot or tune the application. I want to create user accounts. I want to do a manual product update or turn off automatic product updates.

Go to the Administer section to learn how to troubleshoot the application and perform all administrative tasks, such as creating users.

I want to know what built-in scan templates are available and when to use them. I need to know what built-in report templates or sections are available. I want to know how SCAP is implemented.

Go to the Resources section for additional information.

Still need more information?

Check out the Rapid7 Knowledge Base.

Welcome to Help